People nowadays search Google when looking for a contractor. They explore the first few options and pick a contractor according to their needs.
Therefore, it’s imperative to create a strong online presence as people are looking for your business online to accomplish this. You might want them to find you and select your business over your competitors.

Using online advertising services, it becomes easy to build your online presence. This helps you to attract more traffic and conversions.
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Top 5 Online Advertising Strategies for Contractors

In 2021, sales generation for contractors is equipped with challenges and opportunities. There are various ways to reach contractor leads, but the lead technology requires more management and functioning. Here’s what you should know about marketing your contractor business online and increase the number of bids put out to potential leads.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just think about the methods of conducting searches online and choose businesses. Whether you search for a painter or carpenter, your behavior remains the same.
You start with typing a phrase with keywords to search for the best results. When the results are found, you’ll mainly check out the first few results and make a choice.
This is how users conduct searches. They type in keywords along with the phrases and choose the first few results. Indeed, 76% of users browsing using the search engine won’t even go past the first page.

This is why SEO is so vital. It’s the process of increasing your website’s ranking higher in search results for phrases and keywords related to your business. You might want your site to rank at the top of search engine results so that people will observe your website.

So, have you ever thought of the ways to get the most out of SEO?

1. Choose the relevant keywords.

Your keyword or phrase selection determines the appearance of your website. It is necessary to select keywords that are related to your service and business.

2. Create your Google My Business profile

Google My Business is an open tool that your business wants to utilize. If you’ve ever managed to search for ‘roofers near me’ or ‘painters near me,’ the results will include these business listings.

Google My Business is a great opportunity to advertise your business for free. You can easily attach your website link and content links to attract people to your website. It’s an excellent way to provide information about your business while inviting them to learn more on your website.

2. PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC ads appear high at the top of search results, i.e., above organic listings. These PPC advertisements work on a bidding system. Just like your web pages, PPC ads are attached to keywords and phrases. When users type in these keywords, it triggers an ad.

PPC works based on a bidding system. Once you choose your keywords, you will see how much you would like to pay every time somebody clicks on your ad. This is your set maximum bid.

You will never repay over your maximum bid for a click. Many businesses favor this method as it enables you to manage your budget.

As soon as your PPC advertisement is launched, you can start earning qualified leads and conversions. PPC advertising is excellent as you can monitor and review your ad to see if the keywords are working correctly. It can also help you to gather the keywords that will become more successful for your SEO plan.

This method of advertising is very effective for increasing your conversion rates. People who reach your website through a PPC ad are 50% more interested in becoming your customers than other organic visitors. These advertisements are perfect for generating leads that are more expected to convert.

It’s an affordable process to start a PPC campaign, and the investment is worth it. For every $1.60 consumed, the average business will likely earn $3 in return. This is an ideal opportunity for your business to reach, attract new customers, and profit in return.

3. Social Media Marketing

Another popular advertising strategy is social media marketing. It’s an excellent method to connect with your target audience.

It’s free to create pages for your business on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We’d like to help you figure out which social media platforms fit your business’s requirements.


Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing business info, content and posting daily updates. Your page will contain all the essential information people want to know to find your business online.

Facebook also offers advertising services to use paid advertisements (just like PPC) on the platform. Similarly, you get an opportunity to advertise your roofing or plumbing services to drive more people to your page.


You can share photos of your work on Instagram as a contractor. It is easier to show photos of your successful projects to people instead, explaining them through text. This is an excellent way to show the work you do. You can either post videos or photos to give people an impression of the quality of craftsmanship.


Pinterest is also a great platform for providing a great opportunity as a contractor. You can start by creating boards that would seem appealing to your target audience, such as remodeling boards with photos of projects.

Creating a board full of restoration and repair projects is a unique way to raise the interest of people who might need your services. It also builds a positive relationship with your brand.


Twitter, another great way to share your content. Since Twitter increased its character allowance to 28, you can now share more information on this platform. Twitter lets you connect with your target audience. Professionals, companies, and industry experts are all on this website. This is a brilliant opportunity for your business to communicate with such kinds of people.


LinkedIn is used for connecting with other professionals and experts. Like Facebook, it allows you to post content, and people can share these informational posts with their followers.
LinkedIn also enables you to connect with experts and professionals in your industry or people who might want your services. It allows you to establish a relationship with these business people.

4. Specialized Apps and Online Directories

These apps and directories are specially designed to help people find builders or contractors in their area. They include websites like Houzz, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, and Builder Central. Such sites generally allow companies to create a free profile. However, if you want to upgrade your listing and advertise them to potential customers looking to purchase your services, you will have to pay extra.

The key success that works on these websites is to complete your online profile. The more info you add about your business, the more reliable you will sound. Some platforms also allow you to add pictures and videos of your work, which can be a pretty good way to attract clients.

5. Gather More Reviews to Manage Your Reputation

We can’t overstate the importance of feedback and reviews for your contractor marketing strategies across the board.

Today’s consumers like to receive opinions and hear stories of other customers. We trust this to give us a clearer picture of what it’s like to collaborate with a business.

An excellent review profile starts with your own service and products. Remember that everything you work on, from showing up on estimated time for delivery to correctly invoicing the job, influences your advertising and marketing.

But with extraordinary service and work, you should be proactive in receiving your reviews. This reflects the happy and positive attitude of customers.

Also, you can use testimonials received from your best clients on your site itself. The best testimonials are specific and detailed about the service. Include a short video or an image when possible.

You can also embed Google reviews on your website’s review page, where you can include a ‘Review Us On Google’ link and badge.
Managing and building contractor reviews like this becomes a vital part of reputation management for your online business.

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